Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Timon of Athens is one of those longtime “underrated”  plays by Shakespeare and Thomas Middleton, one that everyone comments they have never seen before.
Simon Godwin’s directs this stunning production of a tale worth telling, most befitting of our money driven time.
There are two sides to every coin, and in this parable that revolves around money there are two sides to Timon, the main character.  
In a dream world, Timon lavishes gold and gifts to buy friendships and fun.  One day the money’s gone and so are all the friends that money can buy.  Trading her golden bejeweled costumes, Timon dons rags, retreating from bright lights, to living in a dark cave. 
Kathryn Hunter (the first British woman to play King Lear, as well as other classical male roles)  stars as Timon. Hunter brings out the humanity in this strong yet vulnerable character who goes from happy party girl to crazed homeless misanthrope. Having seen Timon of Athens  before, with a male actor, there is no doubt in my mind, that Hunter, owns the role of Timon in our time.   
Unforgettable -  Soutra Gilmour’s gorgeous sets and costumes, Donald Holder’s handsome lighting,  Michael Bruce’s music, played by an onstage band and sung by Kristen Misthopoulos. 
Timon of Athens, a tale of riches to rags,  a treasury of wisdom.
At the Shakespeare Theatre, Washington DC,  until March 22, 2020.