Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Urinetown The Musical 
at Constellation Theatre Company.

Pay toilets are no joke in many parts of the world.  Neither is corporate mismanagement run amok with crooked lawmakers and corrupt  policemen.  But no need to read dry political theorists on such a subject,  when you can see  Urinetown at Constellation!

Urinetown’s  premise is that not only do all human have a right to be free, but everyone has a right to pee for free.  

It makes it case by exploiting every form of humor  possible from word puns to super metaphors. It incorporates satirical take offs of moments from decades of musicals (to name a few: The Threepenny Opera. The Cradle will Rock,  Le Miserables, Fiddler on the Roof, West Side Story, Chicago, Annie.)  And it takes self-deprecating asides, on what a musical is expected to do (star crossed lovers yes,  but no happy ending in this one.)  

The Tony award winning show is clever  for sure, but  one that requires a company  with high energy and super talents to bring it all together.  Constellation has done it again!

Here are the facts:

Music and lyrics by Mark Hollmann
Book and lyrics by Greg Kotis 
Director: Allison Arkell Stockman 
Choreographer: Ilona Kessell 
Music Director: Jake Null

Ensemble: Nicklas Aliff* (Caldwell B. Cladwell), Jenna Berk (Little Sally), Matt Dewberry* (Officer Lockstock), Patrick Murphy Doneghy (Old Man Strong/Hot Blades Harry), Christine Nolan Essig* (Penelope Pennywise), Vaughn Ryan Midder (Bobby Strong), Katie Keyser (Hope Cladwell), David Landstrom (Tiny Tom/Dr. Billeaux), Matthew McGee (Senator Fipp), Amy McWilliams* (Josephine Strong/UGC Staff), Christian Montgomery (Officer Barrel), Valerie Adams Rigsbee (Soupy Sue/UGC Secretary), Harrison Smith (Mr. McQueen), Emily Madden (Little Becky Two-Shoes/Mrs. Millenium), Rick Westerkamp (Robbie the Stockfish/UGC Staff).           *Member, Actors’ Equity Association

Design and Production: A.J. Guban (Scenic & Lighting Designer), Robert Croghan (Costume Designer), Ilona Kessell (Choreographer), Palmer Hefferan (Sound Designer), Kevin Laughon (Props Designer), Nick Martin (Assistant Director), Robert Mintz (Assistant Choreographer).

Understudies: Christopher Gillespie, Bobby Libby, Maggie Roos, Sarah Anne Sillers, Carl Williams.

For tickets :  Theatre.org or Call 202-204-7741