Sunday, October 13, 2019


Where else but in a play by George Bernard Shaw could extreme arguments  both about the nature of human love and on  politics (socialism vs capitalism) occur in a peaceful Victorian study of a minister and his wife.  And where else to see this play filled with wisdom and wit,  then as Washington Stage Guild opens the season with GBS’s Candida.
Emelie Faith Thompson stars as Candida, the lovely wife of Rev. James Morell, played by her real life husband Nathan Whitmer.  He is a socialist Anglican clergyman who spars off against Eugene Marchbanks, the son of a peer and Mr. Burgess, Candida’s father.  Ben Ribler spares nothing in intensity in argument as the youthful poet in love with Candida while David Bryan Jackson Candida’s father representing capitalism goes at Morell in a nipping way.
There is mystery in all of this—who will ultimately hold  Candida’s heart as she sorts through all the moments of intense anger and poetic musings.  (No surprise that in the end that Rev. Morell’s secretary played by Danielle Scott and his curate by  Danny Beason will exit as a pair.)
A rare showing of  this Shaw play  now at Washington Stage Guild until Oct. 20, 2019.
Jimmy Buffett’s Escape to Margaritaville
When you want to get away but can’t just hop off to the islands at the moment — then Jimmy Buffett’s Escape to Margaritaville  road touring company might be just the ticket!
Sarah Hinrichsen is Rachel, a too serious scientist, and  Shelly Lynn Walsh, her best friend Tammy.  Together they head off to take a break before  Tammy’s wedding in Cincinatti, Ohio to a total jerk.  There they meet Chris Clark who stars as Tully,  a singer in a run down hotel in the Caribbean, and Peter Michael Jordan, who plays Brick the bartender. 
 Rachel Lyn Fobbs is Marley the owner of the bar, Patrick Cogan is J.D. a one eyed beach bum  and Matthew James Sherrod is Jamal, the busboy.  
What Rachel and Tammy find is not exactly what the pictures looked like on the internet, but something better.  True love!
This juke box musical featuring both original songs and your most-loved Jimmy Buffett classics, including “Fins,” “Volcano,” “Cheeseburger in Paradise,” and many more is packed with fun.  And as fine as these leading cast members are, the ensemble dance pieces are absolutely the best.  This is one show that did not have to ask for the audience to participate —everyone fell right in to the rhythm and responses.   

At the National Theatre from October 8-13, 2019.