Wednesday, June 15, 2016


NOTHING BUT THE HITS  Part 2  was nothing but the BEST! 

The Heights Players, Brooklyn’s oldest self-sustaining community theater, has done it again! 

For their Gala ending their 59th year, they selected some three dozen of American musical theater’s greatest hits for performances on June 10-12. 

The singing was pitch perfect and the tap dancing  tiptop as  two dozen Heights Players danced and sang through decades of songs. 

Under the direction of Thomas Tyler and Ed Healy,  the show moved  quickly  from one production number to the next.  Cast members shined in a fabulous progression through the show with Musumi Iwai adding some  delightful surprise acrobatics to her ballet number.

Stand outs  include the choreography of Aurora Dreger,  the song stylings of newcomer Jonathan Merechant,  and the superb vocals of Rachel Coffin and Ivis Fundichely

David Fletcher’s  musical arrangements —from “There’s No Business like Show Business’ to the finale of “Yesterday,”  “Today” and “Tomorrow” — sewed together seamlessly the ageless spirit of love and hope that these songs shared.

 What a treat it was later that night of June 12 to see the Tony awards—it’s only 30 minutes away from Brooklyn to Broadway— to remember that I had heard many of these songs just that afternoon on Willow Street.

While The Heights Players might not be winning Tony Awards,  they win the hearts of musical lovers in spirited, highly professional and LIVE performance.  

WHAT: 2015-16 SEASON
WHERE:  26 Willow Place, Brooklyn Heights, NY 11201  - phone 718-237-2752

Ed Healy, Michael Blake, James Martinelli, Mykel Frank, Jonathan Merechant, Sean Dearing, Maureen Vidal, Faith Elliott, Dana DiAngelo, Michelle Maccarone, Masumi Iwai, Aurora Dreger, Cait Farrell, Maria Elisa Costa, and Isabella Prince. Veterans: Bill Wood, Jim McNulty. Ivis Fundichely, Cathy Lemmon, and Lacey Friedman.  First timers: Rantea Thompson and Rachel Coffin.

The production coordinated, written and directed by Thomas N. Tyler. 
 Musical director: David Fletcher, with percussionist Daryl Cozzi.  
 Direction: Ed Healy 
Choreography: Sean Dearing, Aurora Dreger and Cait Farrell. 
Production Stage Manager: Marialana Ardolino 
Lighting designer:  Leo J. Contrino 
Event coordinator: Corrine Contrino, with  Jill Lewis-Kelly and Jan VanderPutten.