Tuesday, October 29, 2013

After you see  36 Views, you will wonder how many art works  in museums are frauds but you will have no doubt that the Constellation production is the real thing!

.Do not be deceived by the lush images and evocative poetry. There is no one without
guilt in this story.    Behind the beautiful world of art, there lurks intricate layers of  deceitful dealings by artists, art foragers, dealers, curators and scholars, fueled by cravings for money, love, sex  and recognition.

Taking its title from Katsushita Hokusa’s 36  images of Mt. Fuji,  Naiom Iizuka’s play is constructed in 36 intersecting scenes of a complex plot.  Constellation director Allison Arkell Stockman and company explore intersections of commerce and connoisseurship,  with a fine cast  led by Jim Jorgensen, with Sue Jin Song, include Megan Dominy, Ashley Ivey, Tuyet Thi Pham and David Paglin.   Special kudos to Kendra Rai for costume design and Aaron Fisher for projections design

 Far from being a discourse in art history, this is a story like Law & Order, ripped from the headlines. See  the story running in the New York Times on foraging an art market