Monday, April 29, 2019

The White Snake is the love story of a white snake with magical powers who turns into a mortal woman and comes down to earth from her thousand year home on a mountain top.  She meets and marries a humble pharmacist assistant and together they start a thriving herbal medicine business,  have a lovely home and are about to have their first child —all the ingredients of an ordinary happy life.  
Unbelievable as ancient epic legends go?   On stage at Constellation Theatre, Eunice Bae as the White Snake and Jacob Yeh as the humble XuXian bring the ancient Chinese legend to real life, where true love and devotion never get old.
Momo Nuakumura is Green Snake,  the White Snake’s faithful companion, who moves the story along to keep everything together while Ryan Sellers plays the vengeful nasty monk who seeks to tear the lovers apart.  
The production features multiple delights for the ears and eyes:  performance by Chinese dulcimer virtuoso Chao Tian,  sumptuous Chinese garments by costume designer Frank Laovitz,  captivating ensemble based-movements featuring a climatic sea battle complete with Cloud and Water spirits by choreographer Jennifer J. Hopkins  and endearing puppets designed by  Matthew Pauli. 
The stellar team of Allison Arkell Stockman as director of Mary Zimmerman adaptation of the ancient Chinese legend and world renowned Tom Teasley who composed the original music give this show its astronomical rating in the galaxy of Constellation hits. 
The White Snake  with its powerful message of transformation and transcendence through love runs to May 26, 2019 at Source, located at 1835 14th Street NW, Washington DC 20009. Tickets can be purchased online at or over the phone at (202) 204-7741.