Tuesday, October 3, 2017



Clouds, bubbles, and spider webs

What can they have in common?  

Each is a model from nature, a masterpiece of architectural design, in which to view not only beauty but adaptability and integrity in natural formations. 

Tomas Saraceno is an Argentinian-born, Berlin-based artist and architect inspired by these structures. 


His exhibit Entangled Orbits at the Baltimore Museum of Art until June 2018, will undoubtedly inspire others.

Saraceno’s works are diverse with a underlying quality of engaging the mind and the spirit simultaneously.

 Each of the four major works are in their own space, offering both contrasts in styles and continuity of themes of the artist’s work.

Entangled Orbits captures the light and sky of the outdoors blending with the floors and the walls the East Lobby to direct one’s vision upwards  for an exhilarating entrance to the museum

80SW Iridescent/Flying Gardens/Air-Port City  made of transparent pillows and black rope and iridescent foil, is a shimmering work that brings a smile as one walks around and beneath the hanging structure with its changing colors and
sparkling lights.

Zonal Harmonic 2N 110/13 and Zonal Harmonic 3N+1D 200/16 are mobiles  of metal, robe, fishing line and steel thread.  Lacking the multi-color lightness of the other pieces on exhibit, their beauty is in their perfect balance and portioned design.

Hybrid solitary solitary semi-social semi-social semi-social Amateru built by: a solo Nephila senegalensis - one week, a duet of Cyrtophora citricola - three weeks, a solo Cyrtophora citricola - a quartet of Cyrtophora citricola juveniles - two weeks, Is an intriguing work made of spidersilk, carbon fiber, glass and metal.  

There is an explanation that different spiders work different ways, some together and some solitary, and sometimes where other spiders have come and gone.

While the first works are so obviously part of an exhibit that one can walk through, the last one takes time and offers the most reflection. Viewed in a dark room within its glass casing, the sheer threads which would be invisible in daylight are seen in their intricate design.  A marvel of a creature that is blind, as spiders are, not noted for their brains, but which give our minds and eyes such a wonder to behold.

You have never thought of the spiderweb in the dusty corner as a work of art.  That is precisely the point.  Entangled Orbits whether from the man designed networks of the large installation pieces  or like the spider webs,  this is art which regales in the beauty of design.