Monday, July 31, 2017



Here’s a math problem for you:

Take four fine actors:  Danielle Davila (Mary Kate), Madison Kauffman (Barbie), Maisie Rose (Melissa) and Tiffany Tatreau (Amber) as the Math team in a formerly all-girls Catholic school.

Add: Jake Morrissy (Leroy) as the new guy in school to join the team and Sharon Sachs (Ms. McGery) as the adult to move it along.

Multiple them with the pressures  of winning a prestigious math tournament in this  1 book/story ( Laura Stratford and Larry Little)  +  music ( by David Kornfeld and Dylan MarcAurele)  + lyrics ( Alex Higgin-Hauser) 

And what do you have on the other side of the equation but  NUMBERS NERDS. 

This show at the New York Musicale Festival  overflows with positive vibrations from the singing and dancing.

But what is this thing about numbers?  

If you saw HIDDEN FIGURES, that success of a  film on women who despite obstacles through superior talent for math made a significant impact on the success of the space program, you might say, well it is important to get the math right.

NUMBERS NERDS takes that idea further — What numbers can mean in a life.  Each of the four high school girls has a love of math with a reasons for her pursuit  as individual as she is.  They are a math team determined to win but also at odds with each other.  How they work that problem out is how they add up together in teamwork.   

The opening number “This Is Gonna Be My Year” sums it up— This is going to be the year for NUMBERS NERDS!